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U.S Veterans Construction and Management, Corp., was formed to provide the Government and our large commercial customers a one stop shop. We started off as a full service plumbing and heating company, and after many years in service we have expanded our reach into construction.

At U.S. Veterans & Construction Management our goal is to provide unparalleled, responsive, and cost effective service to our clients.Our superior service and conservative business philosophy, sets us apart from all others. On this path to success, making our customers happy is imperative to our growth. Our builders, architects, and project managers know the critical questions to ask and by blending innovative problem-solving skills, solid research methods, and quality construction techniques, we consistently complete projects on time and within budget.

We practice the philosophy that the customer's satisfaction is paramount to everything our business strives for. Each job, although planned very differently according to size and scope, takes on a life of it's own. We believe each day is a new chance to make the most of each opportunity to provide quality work for our customers. The satisfaction we receive when a project is completed, drives us to anticipate the next one.

W are set apart from the rest because we are a contractor with the ability to self perform most of our work. We have created partners throughout the country and are always probing for ways to expand our horizons. 

Our commitment to "Deliver Excellence and Pursue Perfection", makes every job our top priority, and with this approach, our customers and subcontractors are pleased with the work we perform. U.S. Veterans Construction & Management Corp., has made great strides in its history, and has became an enterprise that can do just about anything.

For additional information call us at (716) 893-3037