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Plumbing & HVAC

Department of Veterans Affairs- Buffalo

va_buffalo Scope of Work 

Department of Veterans Affairs- Correct Sprinkler Deficiencies

Remove existing electric fire pump and diesel backup fire pump. The installation of a new control board and jockey pump control board. The realignment of the 14th floor, 25,000 gallon storage tank. The removal and installation of water booster pumps with triplex, a new Grundfos booster pump.



                                                                                                  Location: 3496 Bailey Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215



Department of Veterans Affairs- Bath

Department of Veterans Affairs- Bath

Scope of Work:

HVAC 5th Floor & Renovate Bldg. 76

Renovations on this project include demolition, asbestos removal, the gutting and remodeling of the 5th floor, Plumbing and electrical renovations as well as sprinkler system upgrades, are being completed to be brought up to code. The HVAC contract includes new chiller and all the necessary piping.



Watervliet Arsenal


Scope of Work:


Replace Steam Heat System Building 110

This project consisted of labor, materials, equipment, facilities supervision, testing and all related costs to replace heating  system for building 110. Removal & dsipoasal of heating system pipes & fittings wrapped with asbestos containing insulation. Startiing at the main steam and condensate lines, removal & disposal of all piping, fittings, insulation, and unit & fin tube heaters, and their associated controls. Install new heating system components include piping, fittings, insulation, controls, and unit & fin tube heaters. Provide operation and maintenance personnel on the new heating system. Provide as-built drawings

1 Buffington Street   Watervliet, NY 12189-4000